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MythTV & mySQL

26/09/2019 · I purged mythTV and MySql then reinstalled MySql and made sure I set the root password. I installed mythTV 0.29 from the PPA and the infinite exit loop was back and it still couldn't connect to the database using my root password, the MySql password or "mythtv". Couldn't connect with version 30 either. I've just re-reinstalled Xubuntu. Mythtv-setup Cannot Connect To Database; Access Denied For User 'mythtv'@'localhost' using Password: Yes This caused it to scale the HD image on one axis for reasons I haven't yet comprehended. –nobar Mar 20 '15 at 17:39 There are some other interesting options. 13/04/2006 · Hi all I am a newbie running Slackware 10.2 with KDE desktop I am trying to setup mythtv, so I am also having to setup mysql. I don't know anything about databases so I am kind of trying to blindly follow the instructions in the docs & the file /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld to get mysql up & running. 13/10/2017 · MikeB2013 wrote:Postby MikeB2013 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:20 am As a guess, the password for user mythtv in one or more of your config.xml files does not match that in mysql.

27/09/2005 · mythtv mysql database setup help The amount of info on the web on linux is unbelievable. I've been running debian sarge for about a week or two now and last night I tried to install mythtv from the debian repositories. Unofficial Windows Pre-Builds. A MythTV user has set up a website where you can download pre-built versions of the windows port, some of the information on that site may be. 07/04/2017 · $ mysql -p -u root mythconverg Enter password: Use the admin password you set when MySql was installed mysql> select user,host,password from mysql.user where user = 'mythtv'; mysql> show grants for mythtv; mysql> exit. Attached is a patch to resolve the issue with gksu being removed. This has been tested on current master 31pre and can be applied to fixes/30 and 0.29 if still supported. MythTV could not connect to the database. Ask Question. The answer was to reinstall MySQL and enter "mythtv" as the password there as well. All other posts showed to leave the password blank in MySQL but that did not work. Here is the resource page I used to fix the problem.

To ensure XBMC has proper access to the MythTV mysql database, run the following commands on the mysql server. Replace PASSWORD or xbmc with whatever you prefer, but keep the single quotes for syntax. $ mysql -u root -p enter mysql root password when prompted. This will create the MySQL database named mythtest and setup a user named mythtv with the password mythtv to have access from any machine with network access to this host. Running MythTV on Windows. It is preferable, initially, to start MythTV programs from a command prompt which allows viewing log output. However, the next screen says 'MythTV cannot connect to database' and I am presented with a form one of two, which already contains data hostname, password. so change nothing. I click next to get to screen two of two again change nothing both check boxes are left unticked and click finish.

mysql> grant all on mythconverg. to mythtv@"%" identified by "mythtv"; mysql> flush privileges; mysql> \q Again as user root in a console, restart the database /etc/init.d/mysql restart Once the database has restarted you can then start to setup mythtv from a console run mythsetup When done setting up mythtv run mythfilldatabase. So mysql>SET PASSWORD FOR 'mythtv'@'localhost' = PASSWORD'mythtv' Yes I looked this up, since I can never remember it and it is frustrating if not dangerous to get it even a little bit wrong. And it is useful to have the correct stuff on this list. And to be a little pedantic about the explanation. Geoff. 18/12/2004 · Welcome to, a friendly and active Linux Community. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. The MySQL root password prompts and mythtv-database installation now assume no root password on the mysql database as is the case of a new installation Helps prevent misreading prompts and entering wrong password on mysql install; If the password isn't accepted, instructions for reconfiguring the database are provided in both GUI and text form.

Fix Mythtv Mysql Cannot Login To Database.

Mythtv-database needs the mysql root password in order to create the table needed for mythtv. The solution is to reinstall mythtv-database from scratch making sure before that you know the right mysql root password. One way of doing this is to actually reset the password to whatever you want by using. 24/02/2019 · sudo rm -rf /root/.mythtv But until mythtv-setup works, no need to start the backend for now. Back to the originally scheduled program: This should work: mysql --host=localhost --password=hFclugQ7 --user=mythtv mythconverg If it still does, then exit SQL and type: locate -b '\mythtv-setup.real I expect it to return one line.

jgoerzen/mythtv-backend-mysql - as mythtv-backend, but with an integrated MySQL/MariaDB server in the container If you do not already have a database server on your network, selecting the mysql variant will simplify your installation, though it is optional. 24/12/2012 · If you installed mythtv package on same xbmc machine, mysql server also gets installed on the same xbmc machine. mythtv needs access to mysql database, either on the same machine or on a different machine. Another quirk I ran into is that mythtv client from xbmc is an older version, it expects mysql database on the same machine. My mythtv was failing on an update for “no password” for “root” user. I needed to find out what values the update script was using for the database username, hostname, and password. This link had a script listed to show these values. I will repeat the script below.. MythTV also requires a running MySQL compatible database server such as MySQL or MariaDB to function, this is handled through the database modules of Qt. Database. A database will need to be set up before the MythTV backend can be started. I prefer not store the password in plain text configuration files and thus will always have to enter the root mysql password when dpkg configures mythtv-database. After configuration, you can run the upgrade: apt upgrade. The mythtv-backend server usually crashes and does not restart when the upgrade fails with no password.

MythTV and Gentoo GNU/Linux. Disclaimer: Note this is a guide only! I cannot guarantee that my guide will work on your particular system. This is just a reference guide created from my personal experience installing MythTV on top of Gentoo GNU/Linux. Setting Up an Inexpensive Raspberry Pi 2 as a Cheap Frontend to MythTV with MythFrontend Summary. Note that you can get the mythtv MySQL password from the MythTV Frontend Setup General screen. Choose Next and then Finish to save the values.

Mythbuntu è un add-on per Ubuntu che consente di creare un sistema PVR basato su MythTV. Può essere usato per preparare un sistema standalone o per l'integrazione con un una rete di MythTV esistente. Diversamente da progetti simili, Mythbuntu mantiene stretti legami con Ubuntu e tutto ciò che viene sviluppato viene reso ad Ubuntu. 29/06/2005 · By default it requests a user named "mythtv" identified by the password "mythtv". A.sql script is provided by mythtv to create a table and its user. After running the script, $ mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg correctly opens a new DB session for mythtv@localhost.

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